August 15, 2014 MJF hosted the Cuts for Character event at Brothers Barber Shop in Fort Worth, providing six children from Crowley and Fort Worth a character building experience.

The children participating locked into the discussion over character values with Michael Johnson (NYG), Byron Williams (NY Giants, NFLPA Dallas Chapter president), Preston Taylor (Bills), and Jeremy Clark (NY Giants, Phil Eagles). The pilot event was a huge success and MJF is currently seeking partnerships to expand the program.

During this exercise, children are given a haircut free of charge, giving him a brand new feeling of self-confidence. Image is your initial display of character, but most important is a person’s value and strength of self-identity. MJF has a simple and effective way of encouraging a younger generation to pay attention to their relationships and the way they communicate, by exposing young boys to influential role models in the community such as doctors, nutritionists, and professional athletes. A key component to the program is giving these kids a variety of characters to look up to as people identify differently with each other by nature.

Character may be described as the attitudes and values we learn from our parents, siblings, teachers, and friends directly from our observations growing up. Its important to know that character is taught as a child naturally, but may change with life events or experiences. For partnership and sponsorship opportunities please contact

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